Eve - Chokie Nikes (skit) Lyrics

Artist: Eve Lyrics
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Album: Track 14 on Ruff Ryders' First Lady
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they aruing over and empty bootle

they aruin ova it


let me have the bottle you had it last time. it's my turn to take a picture with he bottle

Ah here they come.

Shiny face niggas and shit. Oh oh you smell that?

Somebody's breath is wrong.

Eew. What's up?

Shut the fuck up bitch. You want something?


We ain't thirsty nigga.

What the fuck you wanna a mint? Ooh ooh.

What you mean ooh?

The breath nigga

That ain't me.

hush the fuck up. You got a little man in your mouth takin a shit or somethin.

You need to hush up.

[Guy 2]:
Caramel queen look at this roolie for me.

Uh you need to put your ice back in the freezer cause this shit is meltin.

Your bezzle just dropped.

[Chockie Nikes]:
Damn. Pick that up Dog.

Sorry bout that you should feel mighty sorry right now nigga.
Yeah and it look like the shit is ti_ tickin

I told you to get this fixed what the fuck man

[Girl 2]:
Tickin. Rollies don't tick though.

You ain't ever seen no Rollie

[Girl 2]:
With your cloudy ass earrings.

[girl] and you wit the hot ass Coogie. you need to put on some more lotion

[chokey nikes]
i got enough money for the both of you

[girl 2] what you doin wit the dog

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