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Artist: Everlife Lyrics
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Album: Track 2 on Everlife
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I own fame Hollywood
I own my neighbor hood
Big isnt bad and nobody has to be sad
Bigger excuse to be the one we had
No more voices tracking me down
Only a better day

All I wanted (was a second chance to live again)
All I needed (was to know that i can really see again)
Call me freak call me a poser
You know I love to run with the holy ghost yea
Do you wanna take a ride come on people step inside

Bitter sweat century taste great what a fate
If I do what I do cause I dont care about you
All I can be (no one will ever see)
No one wants a tragedy only a remedy (only a remedy)


Oh take a ride oo-oo take a ride oo-oo
Step inside oo-oo second chance to live again
All I wanted All I wanted
All I needed All I needed


oh yeah...
I wanna take
I wanna take a ride

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