Exhorder - Anal Lust Lyrics

Artist: Exhorder Lyrics
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Album: Track 7 on Two From the Vault: Slaughter in the Vatican / The Law
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Tie you up don't give a shit
lick my asshole suck my dick
hold you at gun point
bend you over anal lust
can't survive this torture fuck
there's fire in my eyes i laugh at your cries

anal lust
up the butt
lousy slut
virginities lost
up the butt
lousy slut
down on your knees bitch
anal lust...HUH!

Shove my fist inside your cunt
shove my dick right up your butt
screams of pain fulfil my lust
beat your face in get my kicks
fuck your brains out
squeeze your tits
blood on your thighs
virginity dies


blood on your face
assume the position i love
anal assault
anxiously wait for the cum
screaming in torment
the welps on her back are turning redder
she died from the pain
it made her feel ten times better!

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