Exit-13 - Only Protest Gives a Hope of Life! Lyrics

Artist: Exit-13 Lyrics
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Album: Track 11 on Ethos Musick
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Your conscience overrides the fears of authoritarian repercussion,
You bring about ends that cannot be achieved through rational discussion!
So called "terrorist acts" utilized to win the fight for nature,
Is direct action the solution to problems that frustrate you?!?!


The time has come for total global mental realignment
Misused technology has altered atmosphere, terrain, and climate
Change is needed now, but course of action... who'll define it?
Every mind needs a goal - a ladder - work until you climb it!


The time has come for radical wilderness restoration
Deep ecology must become the religion of future generations
Economic gains are invalid reasons for nature's exploitation
Thwart industrial domination and unmake civilization!

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