Extrema - Another Nite Lyrics

Artist: Extrema Lyrics
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Album: Track 3 on Better Mad Than Dead
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1st: I woke up early and i felt like a gangsta i dreamed 'bout you and you were with another man i couldn' t sleep and i won' t take pills if you could be a drug then you' re my trip so i' m in your zone i' m bad to the bone and i' m gone, i drank too much and (now) i' m stoned so i picked up the phone, the 144, she showed me her tongue, i' m another wancker in love pre: i still belive you don' t need me tonite so catch my fear persistent in time chorus: think about you, about the last day about the last daylight before your nite 2nd: you treat my flash but you rule like cancer so smell my socks and kiss my asshole i' m feeling good you don' t understand who' s right or wrong for my family values

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