Extreme - Suzi (Wants Her All Day What?) Lyrics

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Sexy Suzi
Losing all her sleep
Feeling very hungry
She's got her tongue in cheek
Sweet and sour
A bitter tasting treat
It's the only flavor
I think she likes to
She likes to eat

Suzi wants her all day sucker
Suzi wants her all day what?
Suzi wants her all day sucker
Suzi wants her all day

Hard rock candy
Coated cavities
Licking lollipoppers
As long as she says pretty please
You'd better mind your manners
Little red riding hood
Got a healthy appetite
So don't be scared big bad wolf
I think she doesn't
She doesn't bite


Try this tongue twister on for size

Suzi sells seashells on the seashore
Suzi sells seashells on the what?


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