Eyes Set to Kill - Bitter Pill Lyrics

Artist: Eyes Set to Kill Lyrics
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Album: Track 7 on When Silence Is Broken the Night Is Torn
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My heart pumps this Blood rushtill my legs numb
my sweat drips down my face; clears my vison I battle myself;
i battle
Keep my hands from my throat
for this silence
I battle my self Swallow down now
Bitter Pill unfolds
I lose my surroundings and fake that
I've gained hope
This Bitter Pill he Swallows takes the tension
He's lost control of his hands control of steps
somewhere he fears
was almost sure could never happen to him
When this Pill is dissolved in his suffering body
He'll lay there stiff and shamefully
Guilty acts laced with fear lie the knots to be
temporarily secure
Guilty acts laced with fear lie the knots to be lost in his lies...

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