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Timbo (ehh)
NeYo (say what)

Ehhhhh (yes)

NeYo (chorus)
I'm a movement by myself (ah hah)
But I'm a force when we're together (ah hah)
Mammy I'm good all by myself (I'm goodd)
But baby girl you make me better (you make me better x9)

You plus me it ain't no better math
Yo boy a good look but she my better half
I'm already bossing, already flossing
But why have a cake if it ain't got the sweet frosting
Yea, Yea, Yea, Yea, you keeping me on my a game
with, with, with, with, without having a say man
They, they, they, they, they may flame
Bu, Bu, Bu, but shorty we burn it up
the sag in my swag
the pep in my step
Daddy do the Gucci mammy interceps
That's just a G thing whenever we swing
I'm gonna need Corretta Scott if I'm gonna be king

hmmmmmm (chorus)

First thing's first the girl's what i do
Everything I am she's my influ
I'm already boss, I'm already fly
If i'm a star she is the sky
Ah,Ah,Ah, And when i feel like I'm on top
She, She, She, she give me reason to not stop
Eh, Eh, Eh,Eh, Eh, and though I'm hot
To,To,To, together we burn it up

It take dub cut to clean up ice
when shorty come around i clean up nice
Dynamic duo, Batman and Robin
Whoever don't like it, it's that man's problem
Eh,Eh,eh, and when I feel like I'm tired
Ma,Ma,Ma, mammy be taking me higher
Ah,Ah,Ah,Ah,Ah,Ah, I'm on fire
Bu, bu, bu, but shorty we burn it

(Chorus) NeYo

Beside every great man you can find a woman
like a soldier holding you down

She treats me like a Don
Watches for the hits
Checks where i go
Even watches who I'm with
The right when I'm wrong
So i'll never slip
Show me how to move that's why I never trip
And baby girl you so made ya
They should front page ya
God bless the parents who made ya
Middle finger anybody who hate da, way we burn it up

NeYo (chorus)

i"m ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Fabolous (talk)
Yeah baby
Them lames you playing with
they gonna put ya down
We trying to compliment you, you know
make it better
top notch pimp
Nice look NeYo
Living good Loso
They ask you how you doing now
tell them better than them

NeYo (chorus)

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