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Artist: The Fabulous Thunderbirds Lyrics
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Album: Track 6 on Powerful Stuff
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Powerful Stuff
The Fabulous Thunderbirds

She walks down the street a-knockin’ em dead
Store window dummies even turn their heads
Sure Enuff - Powerful Stuff
When I saw her I burned my black book
Made a blind man take a – a second look
Sure Enuff I think I’m in love - And that’s powerful stuff

Naugahide skirt, blackstack heels
Red copper hair - dig the wig is unreal
Sure Enuff - Powerful Stuff
Ole man Atlas holding up the world
He dropped everything for - that girl
Sure Enuff I think I’m in love - And it’s powerful stuff

A hip shakin’ whip snakin’ cooked my goose
I tell you that babe she’s a fine papoose.
I love her mind, but here’s the deal,
She’s got the kind of groove like the Batmobile.

She opens her eyes and turns on the juice,
Pullin’ like a magnet and she don’t turn loose.
Sure Enuff – Powerful Stuff
When she starts Rockin’
Don’t touch that dial,
She’s a hummin but a givin’
What a woman child.
Sure Enuff I think I’m in love
I think I’m in love - - - I think I’m in love
And it’s Powerful Stuff

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