Face To Face - In Harms Way Lyrics

Artist: Face To Face Lyrics
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Album: Track 2 on Ignorance is Bliss
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Where did you go?
So far away
It seems like everybody tried to tell you everything
And who are you?
Who are they?
Seems like everybody wants to give themselves away

Three days old
So you're tired and the inspiration's gone away
Where are you?
In harm's way
Seems like everything is broken

And it feels like I might break
On this ordinary day
Why do we need to change?
When we were perfect yesterday?

Having trouble comprehending
I was sure that I was who I thought I was
And if you want the truth
Then I blame them
I blame you and I blame myself

In all this pomp and circumstance
I failed to see that I had missed my chance
Without a word to say
I waited
As you turned and walked away

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