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Artist: Face Tomorrow Lyrics
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Album: Track 8 on For Who You Are
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I am wasting time, I realize I can't control this rage
I'm telling you for one last time that it's not just you who changed

using a masculine tone, I'm screaming out loud on my own
waste it all, break it all, think about what you mean
watching these years go by
looking at faces that lie in between on the scene think about what we scream

I'm on my own to find the cause,
but I am blocked feeling remorse
I can't reach out, I won't give in
as long as life I'm what I've been

faking a scene that is painfully
get out of here
falling right back with no dignity
get out of here
tracing a view which you can not see
get out of here
shaping a form which you can not be
get out of here
fall apart

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