Fad Gadget - The Ring Lyrics

Artist: Fad Gadget Lyrics
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Album: Track 7 on Gag
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With this ring I thee wed
A love so fragile made in bed
They say they can take you
Naive love sold lustful schemes
Torn at heart and shattered dreams
They say they can break you
I'm not looking for absolution
For promises I can't keep
Oh lord do you hear me
This time should I fear thee
My deepest fears are close at hand
On this foreign soil of blood and sand
They say they can stake you
My time has come, death's promise to keep
Close your eyes in eternal sleep
They say they can wake you
I won't fight for the father-land
Mother Earth at my feet
Oh lord can you hear me
I need somebody to steer me
With this ring I thee wed
With this ring I thee wed
They say
With this ring
With this ring

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