Fair Warning - Fighting for Your Love Lyrics

Artist: Fair Warning Lyrics
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Album: Track 1 on Aura
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You came into this night to pull me through

You showed me how to live - and taught me to forgive
The things I know, I owe them all to you

The love you shone into my life - I lost it to the night
But time has made me change my ways
For now I'm back - I'm here to fight

(*)The pain I'm going through - feels like the storm I'm riding
I know it's wild - I know it's tough
Just can't stand losing you - that's why I'm fighting for your love

I used to feel so strong - but now these days are gone
For now I know, it all was down to you

Those shiny lies I once believed - I turned them all away
If only you could see me now
You'd know I'm back - I'm on my way



Your love - it changed my life
Showed me the way - I'm here to stay

For your love - for your love

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