Reverence Lyrics


publisher: ©Warner/Chappell Music, Inc., Universal Music Publishing Group
writers: Ayalah Deborah Bentovim, Rollo Armstrong, Maxwell Alexander Fraser, Winston Delano Riley
album: No. 1 track in album Reverence
release date: 1996-4-4
popularity : 1 users have visited this page.
length: 7:44
assistant engineer: Ibi Tijani, Nick Kirkland
additional engineer: Nick Kirkland
engineer: Goetz
guitars: Paul Herman
bass guitar: Aubrey Nunn
drums: Matt Benbrook
mix: Goetz
vocal: Maxi Jazz
background vocals: Dido

Cover Art

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I'm cool. I'm lookin after myself
As I would never place wealth before my spirit
I fear it's unhealthy, the devil creep around you so stealthy stealthy

Til ya get bold, rush the gold an before ya time is over
Ya soul is sold, where's it gettin ya?
Competition start swearin ya, goldiggers setting you up

Soon be forgetting your existence
Do ya need a for instance?
I hafta admit admire your persistence in stickin to a game plan
That brings ya pain man
And at the end of the day nothin is gained

Listen to the voice within. I'll see ya later
Pay heed to the grand oral disseminator..

Track Listing

  • 1 Reverence
  • 2 Don't Leave
  • 3 Salva Mea
  • 4 If Lovin' You Is Wrong
  • 1 Angeline
  • 2 Insomnia
  • 3 Dirty Ol' Man
  • 4 Flowerstand Man
  • 5 Baseball Cap
  • 6 Drifting Away