Falconer - Lament of a Minstrel Lyrics

Artist: Falconer Lyrics
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Album: Track 3 on Chapters From a Vale Forlorn
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For the moon and the sun
And for the winds I've sung,
Hear how the lovely tones dance
Upon my tongue.

I've gazed upon the Orion
For oh so many nights,
Astounded by the beauty of the dark
And sparkling sky.

I'm a lonely minstrel,
A traveler on a road to nowhere
I sing a song to lighten the day
So come along as I walk away.

The lute's the only friend
I've got by my side,
Who's shared by moments
As I laughed and cried.

I comfort my heart
With a jar of wine,
In the memory of love that once was mine.

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