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Artist: Falling Up Lyrics
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Album: Track 11 on Crashings
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Legacy will never burn
Hard to breathe, I'll never learn
And it moves me towards where I want to leave
In the silence we all speak
Laying down and suffering
Yet, I move nothing and
Embrace what I don't need

So I stand, all alone
With no chance, on my own
Will I just sustain, moving on in vain?
Cause this glow, you and I
Have come to know, is a lie
And we must move on

I can see past these fine lines that you stepped through
I can see through these glass eyes that led me on
I'm in this room you're in that
And you play hearts like instruments

Listen deep, you'll hear the sound
Whispering, it's all around
Echoes grasping in, Echo's lasting sin
Out of this, please open up
Move from this, it's taken us
And I need to change, and I need to say

chorus x3

Tell me the things that I need to keep my heart from breaking clean
Leave me with numbness and watch me lock myself in disbelief
Where does this movement come from, I'm holding on so desperatly
This love is so intricate I feel it taking

chorus x4

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