Falling Up - Blue Ruins Lyrics

Artist: Falling Up Lyrics
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Album: Track 9 on Hours
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A weaker life will end up paid
For things down here, for things that stayed
Now some of us must move like shadows

And I must face a flashing light
A strobe, a pulse, a blinding light
So you can go, I will protect you

Run back toward home
Cover the windows
The screaming wind
The swinging hinge
Prepare your eyes
And hold fast the night

When the glow born hearts to sing
We’re finally a beacon
Then our answered hearts will sing
We’re finally a beacon

You run like rivers
Veins like gold
Like gold, like angels spinning ghosts
Like ghosts to walk the earth among us

For arcs and boones in darker yards
For all the heavy eyes of far
Believe it will return for you

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