Falling Up - Lights of Reedsport Lyrics

Artist: Falling Up Lyrics
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Album: Track 9 on Dawn Escapes
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Blaze the night, lift the stake
Cause your world is broken
Everything's on the floor
Whenever the word is spoken
Lonely bed your awake
Falling asleep your hoping
Faith will come through the door
Open up cause there's still time

If you closed your eyes
If you took a breath
When the knife is on the ground
If you feel erased
When He's in this plave
Then your life it will be found

You will fall to you rknees
It's a tragic sickness
Just a step to the grave
Walk to the other side
Your a slave when your free
Cause the remedy says
You will never be saved
Open up cause there's still time

Lights fall, it's clear
Your words, are here

Motion started, breathing wanted
Close your eyes
Motion started, breathing wanted
If you closed your eyes
Open up
Open up cause there's still time

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