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Artist: Falling Up Lyrics
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Album: Track 11 on Hours
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This mechanic soul is so attainable
That I’ve been caught in wires
Tangled in tesserracting telegraphic tales
I wished that you could’ve known
I’ve had the blackouts now
I’ve seen the out lands opulent stars

Misinformed did I pull numbers direct in time
In such a different radiant we radio the coming of war
Or is it what I can see?
I’ve decompressed and now the rest are lost in turbulent seas

And now, I wish you were here
It’s all that you hoped for
And now, I’ve given my life
For all that you lived for

Their patters and their codes
Are much more impossible
But I have played with wires
Caught up in firewalls and aero optic sounds
I gave a lie for a truth
But if you saw me now, you’d see the arrows actual start

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