Falling Up - Sky Circles Lyrics

Artist: Falling Up Lyrics
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Album: Track 1 on Midnight on Earthship
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There I go yeah I’ve
Lost my way now and
Awoken in a strange place

Cause little waves turned to flooding waters
Caught me in a terrible spell

I am holding
Onto every doubt
Cause they are always close

But every broken heart is a glowing light
He will find it out in the darkness
Every lonely song is a brilliant sound
He will hear it out from a distance

She had a secret and she couldn’t keep it
Cause a stranger put the image inside

So she paid a visit to
An underground room
And both of them said their goodbyes

Now it is over
And there are no tears to be cried
Cause it is alright, honey

Every broken heart is a glowing light
There I go yeah

I’ve lost my way now
But it is alright

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