Fame - Pop Into My Heart Lyrics

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Album: Track 1 on Give Me Your Love
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I didn’t even know you
Before you had a grip around my heart
You didn’t need to show me
No more then just a little who you are

I try to keep a distance
But no one’s never ever been so close

How could I handle the way that I feel?
The impression you make me some real

You pop into my heart
It’s just the way you are
You keep on teasing me
And then you pleasing me
And I never want to go
No matter what you do
It’s always me and you
You pop into my heart
You dilate from the star
No matter what I say
Your always gonna stay
Cause I...I Can’t stop loving you (No, I don’t)

You look a little puzzled
When I can figure out the way you are
Don’t even have to tell me
Cause everything is coming from your heart

It’s something about you baby
Just always makes me keep you on my mind

You are the closest to heaven I get
And I haven’t seen half of it yet


When you do
All the things I’ve never seen
Teasing me, pleasing me
You make me love you
I don’t need everything
You are just continuous like you are
Your love, has moved into my heart

I never want to go
No matter what you do
It’s always me and you


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