Family Force 5 - Get Your Back Off the Wall Lyrics

Artist: Family Force 5 Lyrics
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Album: Track 2 on Dance or Die
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[Verse 1:]
This revolution
Starts when you're movin'
Don't wanna step to me
Unless you plan on losin'

Not here to brag
Not here for thrills
I'm here to battle, baby
I dance to kill

[B Verse 1:]
Fall in
Shakin' like a leaf
Bucklin' at the knees
Stop draggin' your feet

Time to go all in

Time for standing tall
Move to kill 'em all
No win lose or draw
Get your back off the wall

Get your back off the wall, get your back off the wall
Get your get your get your back, get your back off the wall

[Verse 2:]
We dig them trenches
So they be trippin'
I'm on the front lines
Yeah I see them flinchin'

Of the enemy
Wrath pours down
When I move my feet

[B Verse 2:]
Fall in
All my new recruits
Now you're in my troop
Shake 'em in their boots

Time to go all in

They can scratch and claw
We ain't backin' off
Time to lay down the law
Get your back off the wall

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