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Artist: Far From Finished Lyrics
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Album: Track 7 on East Side of Nowhere
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Where are you way and fairing stranger?
Have you lost all of your faith?
Are you victim to the circumstance of a dying breed and race?
Do you have no memories to recall your testament?
Are you missing all the good in your life?
Do you wonder where the joy has been?
Miscellaneous photographs and the smoke from 4 days past
The days all blow you by, you're still living in the past

Where are you way and fairing stranger? (no place to go)
Have you been castaway today? (a castaway)
Do you have no hope for tomorrow?
You'll never understand today

Where are you way and fairing stranger?
Are you penniless and lost?
Do you remember all the dead end streets and lonely roads you've crossed?
Have you burned all your bridges?
Will your daemons take control?
The fragrance of your cheap cigars
Your mind's a dying rose
Your heart's as black as the years have made you old
There's no more memories, you honor has been sold

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