Far-Less - A Toast to Bad Taste Lyrics

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Album: Track 2 on A Toast to Bad Taste
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Expressions on their faces-
just reactions to the situation.
resist the machine
as long as time allows you to breathe
just like the Lion and the Lamb-
yea, but only in real life
you won't see hunter and prey polluting the same space
ooo we're bred to kill
ooo but i can't speak for myself
just like the blind leading the blind-
yea, but only in real life
you can't see the lives that we lead
when you've lost your will to be
the machine sucks you in
and spits you out
ooo but i can't speak for myself
force fed my own blood,
i'll drink to bad taste
a toast to bad taste
Thanks to brandon welch.. i wrote the song for these lyrics

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