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Album: Track 7 on Broken Hearts Unite
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From a want of feeling
Do you take time for the ones you love?
Haunting you was killing me
But darling you are just too much for me

She says I don’t want to leave you
But she does it anyway
And I’ll plead my case to heaven
As the tears run down my face

This is the place
This is the place
Where the broken hearts unite
This is the time
This is the time
When I’m standing by your side

Directions we are moving
I think that we need our souls aligned
I am the fire inside of your heart
I think of you and I can’t breathe or move

Not bad when you can’t believe what
You see when the angels sing
With yourself should never disagree
You are what love is supposed to be

We need love
We want love
We need love

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