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Three fold the news that was breaking today,
i got a body in the back,
i have a feeling its watching me,
now im confused so does this mean its free,
take life so seriously,
because we go round, the carousel of sound,
a bit of checking out next phase scars that
move all around, lets go.

Deep routed opinion,
supressing the right to lead,
a life on your own terms,
own mistakes own triumphs made.

Because ive been falling by the wayside,
thinking about you all the time,
and youre so fickle,
thinking about your broad smile,
we got before they weakened,
could not stand for reason,
the truth, the proof, is coming back on you,
and now is the time to shoot through,
right back in the face of decisions.

Where theres no sense, theres no feelings,
were not going nowhere,
lifestyle changed our worst fears.

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