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Wonder why the flow retarded, cause the shit we up
Authentic, more realer than you fake niggers pretended
Late night going drives, I mean agenda
Get money fuck every bitch before we end up
Then in the prime box makes it all 200 thousand
Grew up in public house and bored ...and boredom fathom
Young and on the park bitch fantasizing
Say his buddy got shot and they can't revive him
Dark side is a tale of addictions
Turn your moms into a...cause you're addicted to picture
You gotta get the Cuban, 3 kilos
Givenchy, the heat's on me
That night turned quiet, bitches sing on me
No man I stay cool like DRE
Living rooms with swimming pools filled with PYTs
Fresh pair of Js and some PRPs

Kiss me and my bitch in the two seater
Big flow in the wind, there to move Peter
Give me a partner stove and I could move pieces
36 of the mores up in the Mona Lisa
Got more white chicks than a sorority house
For Fox News quick to point the minorities out
Got a man he kind of...back Dominicana
Pointed her at the crowd and the stunts that out the gunner
Put her in some pump and designer and nails
Got a pussy wet enough to ...in hell
Got the iron on my seta and I pull up blasting
9th wonder on the beater it's a fucking classic

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