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Album: Track 1 on HOURGLASS
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Sitting in a bed of feathers,
Looking at the weather,
Glad I am wearing a sweater
You make me feel like I am free again,
In everything that I do,
I think of you

It was like magic how you suddenly came into my life,
For the first time I've learned to feel
I'll be your air so sweet and fair these are the words,
Words from my heart

All I want to do is love you,
Swallow all your fears and trust you
I lay and close my eyes so I can't see,
Just want to dream

Trust was gone until met you,
Time was lost until I touched you
I found the strength in you,
It was you

All I've got to do is guide you,
Swallow all your tears and ignite you
I lay and look at you,
Take me far away,
Like a gentle stream

Trust was gone until I met you
Time was lost until I touched you
I saw the light in you,
This love is true

I found the strength in you,
This love is true

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