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Poseing for the cameras Poseing for the postcards/We ower ourselves to parodys
of what society wants us to be/they don't want to know that punk means free-
dom/they would rather see us fighting eachother as we do on the t.v. screen/
but don't forget that we don't want your money and we don't need your glory/
we become less than nothing ourselves/are you a punk? than be proud of your-
self/tell them to fuck off/I saw a thing last night, the punks got caught up
in the glory of the camera/they are making a mockerey of themselves/starting
fights in the pit pretending to be something they weren't/never pretend to be
something your not/don't be afraid to show who you are/don't let yourself be
used/don't forget that we are above them/they are less than nothing to us/
remember that society fucking hates us, we are the fucking pukes/don't let
them ever forget...

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