Violence As A Solution Lyrics


album: Track in album The Shit Split
release date: 1994-4
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length: 3:28

Cover Art

Filth The Shit Split cover art
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So, you want to destroy the government, and be free? Well, how can
you fight the police, when your hate is all that you can see? Change
the world, our leaders are all fascists! There is a problem that is
closer to you, your love is too passive. How can you change the
world when you cannot change yourself? Hatred breeds hatred.
So, how much longer will these chains old you bound? These handcuffs
you wear, you have the key to them! Release your mind from your body,
and fight back. The keys name is courage. The straightjacket you put
yourself in is as thin as fuking paper.
Release your arms from your body, and fight back!
You saw another act on his hate and his misunderstanding, and it makes
you so angry, and it makes you so mad. Well, what kind of example are
you going to set? Cuz violence breeds violence, and forgiveness breeds forget.
I've known what love is for the past 3 years. Hatred is hatred, it
can only cause fear. If a punk is ready to attack, do all you can,
try and hold him back. Glue your eyes to the ground, never even care
if a nazi hits the ground. Untie your blindfold, and then you will
will see, we are the punks, a little bit of love and the scene will
be free, and the world will be free. How much longer will hate hold
you bound?

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