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Artist: Finley Lyrics
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Album: Track 12 on Tutto è possibile
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Greetings from me to all my friends
To my girlfriend and my parents
I'm leaving this town
I can't forget to say goodbye
I can't forget the laughs and cries
The moments I spent
That's nothing to weep about
The rain's starting to pour down
Here the time's slipping away
I don't pretend I'm OK

Grief is preying on my mind
So let me stay (let me stay)
By myself
Grief is preying on my mind
I'm going away (going away)
By myself

Maybe things are gonna change
But my memories won't get last
Like leaves in the wind
I don't need your sympathy
This bitter world owes me a new life
This one's burned with me
**** this place that's killing me
My pillow drown in my tears
Dark angels dungle round me
Today's my expiration date


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