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Album: Track 11 on Tutto è possibile
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In front of us a scary shadow
Hate and anger in the air
The atmosphere reflects a sorrow
So unreal?

Breeze is cold, the taste of winter
Long and sad just like a faithless death
But my sun can make things better
Shine over me, shine over me?

All the things that you do
Bring to me something new
A continuous surprise
You have colored my life
Like an uncommon ray
You make the world so less gray
And I'll never,
Never let you go away

You have taught me that all beauties live inside
In a smile, in a red bug and in a rhyme
For the small things now I wonder like a child
Shine over me, shine over me?


Delicate and so fine
Is your touch, ray of light
Phantoms of my darkest life
Are terrified by your brightness
Don't go away, I need your rays
Shine over me?


I'll never let you go my ray of light
I'll never let you go my ray of light

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