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The high exalted professional like DJ Clue
I might get lost like, every night
Hold my life like a vivid picture, a porno movie
Smoking Buddha with shooters, maneuvering the steez
Sharp like a Ginsu I bleed for your sins
I'm G, double OD
Believe what I feel, feel what I see
Do what I want, why you trying to do what I do?
Stay in your lane, young man
I do my thing, young man

Although I never made a reason to lie, I kiss the sky
Her imagination bleed into mine, we intertwine
Divine to a T, cop you want from me
The cops cop from the bums, the bums cop from me
True say, young virgin eyes are from demise
Where the pun is bite the curb and die, I improvise
Not to televise reality, your dreams are falsified
Now you pivot on your wish to be wise as third eye
Long shot, one try, let fly

Body like a Michelle Tucker
Fuck her like I love her
It's simple as we break it down on instrumentals
Straight killer ninja, bounty on your head
Wrap you in your sheets, defecate, suffocate and bleed
As you plead, give me all the ganja, the money
Being broke, ain't a damn thing funny
No taxes, dirty money circle like the axis
Wax this dap shit
Young high and black, bitch

Whoever said 'tricks are for kids' don't know this bitch
Real nigga, vintage apparel and fake friends
Real niggas make it apparent and make ends
So I architect the future, embarrass the fake brands
Say word man them niggas they nervous, too
We on the cusp or something, 38 is starting to brew
Making these movements, plus you do the interlude
But I won't produce unless you nude, miss
Otherwise you useless, yes you useless
So light a loose lit

Pop up at your funeral shirtless and spit on your hearse, bitch
The worst is nigga you worthless
Better off dead, so you laying in dirt deeds
I'm better off dead 'cause zombies emerging
Soon the ideology will be full surface
And I won't have to go back to snatching purses and yapping Urkels
Semi-automatic, leave the funeral service
Mother with running mascara clutching the hearses
Dark nigga but I never bothered to circuit
What is your purpose?
Hopefully on the crossroads you learn it
That's if you earn it, that's for certain
Money on my mind, marijuana my taste buds
Young black and deprived so the world I shake up
Who's your maker, look me in my eyes, nigga
Meet your maker, meet your maker

It's me
From the top floor view I can see it all
From this top floor view I can see it all
Dog, my bitch look like Nia Long
Dog, my bitch look like Nia Long
They say it's lonely where I'm at
But shit, I'm quite cozy in the Jag
They say it's lonely where I'm at
Shit, quite cozy

I'm sitting at the outdoor desk with my pants off
Face timing my little mama back in France
Speaking broken English, my golden features is the reason
Why they stroke my penis when I sing songs, it's like a stroke of genius
I'm Eric Clapton in a black Benz, stack ends
You can tell my eyes are blue through the mac lens
Lord cleanse me, for dead soldiers pour Henny
Pour it

The peppered steak was salty but I ate it 'cause I love her
She put sugar in her vegetables, she grew up in the gutter
Tator Tots with every meal, her body like a goddess
Fingers, toes are polished, Super Sport Impalas
Red flowers, that's to signify a new start
'Cause without you, I've been living with a blue heart
Mixed emotions from the purple got me cloudy
Got me wiling, got me speeding in the Audi
In Maui
Queens shit
Peace to my motherfucking brothers
Flatbush, yeah, no, we too high to die