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Artist: Fleshcrawl Lyrics
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Album: Track 1 on Bloodred Massacre
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Into the fire, down by the gates
My destination, living in pain
That's where I come from, that's where I'll return
For my evil origin, in hell I will burn
Punished for killing, for my reckless thrill
Human life denied, seas of blood I spilled
Cannot stop the shredding, until the time I'll die
That's when the world outside, sees me hangin' high

To hell I will ride...


Dissevering your flesh, I feel the need to distract
I stick at nothing, on my morbid way

Inside the tomb of the slain, I walk alone
With my soul free of pain, I'll be reborn
My body's pure as rain, discard my life
Cleanse my flesh, from the killing blood

Thrill me, kill me, murder myself
Save my flesh from the grind
Blazing fire is burning my shell
Feel the heat deep inside
Crushing, melting, splinter my bones
Soon I'm the next to decline
Ashes to ashes, burnt soil remains
The coffin is closed into the fire I will ride

Hell is where I died

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