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Maimed, killed, stabbed
Slain, shot, sliced
Hung, burnt, chopped
Multiple ways to die

Once you've been born
You're living your life
Trying your best
Not to be left
Kind of a race
Part of a maze
Your last day will come
You never know how
Some people can choose
The others just lose
Game over and out
When all lights go down

Dead and gone, Buried deep, In the mud
Had your chance, but you only took and never stopped
Never cared, For anyone, Anything
Await your soul, To be taken away


Now it's dark, freezing cold, Down below
Lying there, Find yourself, paralysed
Got no fear, unanimated, Not alone
Be aware, Of all the things yet to come
On the edge, Side by side, Final place
Just one step, In your mind, Realize
No return, you deserve, What you get
Decay brought you back, Where you belong

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