Fleshcrawl - The Age of Chaos Lyrics

Artist: Fleshcrawl Lyrics
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Album: Track 5 on Bloodsoul
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See, open your eyes, take a look back
Find truth in the past
Your mind gliding through time
Reminds you of signs once seen, but defied

Trapped by paranoid dreams
World inside the skull, whatever that means
Lies built upon rules, reject and refuse
Deny and abuse

The paradox of life
Preserve and destroy
Heal the scars of the past
Disappear into the void

Emerging from the depths of a realm beyond
New order to come
Tessellated, low forms of life in your hands
Deforming arts, a new term in this age, overcome
Oblivion obtained by obliteration

Born to be sacrificed, homicide
The blood, the pain, the age of chaos
Burnt into your mind

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