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Floorpunch True Colors Lyrics

Artist: Floorpunch Lyrics
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Album: Track 9 on Fast Times at the Jersey Shore
Length: :58

I know where I stand, I wear my heart on my sleeve
Will show my feelings, what I was taught to believe
I won't erase the past, I've got nothing to hide
I hope these times will last because I'm enjoying the ride

I'll always be the one to tell you how I feel
You might not like honesty, but at least I'm ****ing real
You say you know my story, but you haven't got a clue
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It's time to hear the facts, separate the lies from the truth
Twist around my words, don't listen to what I say
You don't know the deal, you're so quick to judge my ways
These stories have to end, so the truth can be heard
I can only trust my friends, and that's the final word

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