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When the Moon still was young and the mountains were tall In the realm of the Tuatha De Danann, My delight was the sound of the hammer and forge Shaping bronze into weapons of war. When the Heroes of Dawn put the ginats to the sword Strong was Cuchulain and shining was Lugh They would sing to the wind with a falcon at their fist Hymns of Gaelic valor. I remember the day when their ships filled the sea And the emblems of Rome hid the sky, When the ninth legion marched to subdue the Red Queen And the sons of the Goddes Danann. The the Heroes of Dawn put the Romans to the sword Strong like Cuchulain and shining like Lugh They would fight skyclad, and to please the Morrigan Die for Gaelic valor. Now the Moon's in eclipse and the skies breed a storm O'er the realm of the Tuatha de Danann My lament shall be heard for the fires ashen cold And the anvils resounding no more. Now the Heroes of Dawn sleep in mounds underground Cuchulain forgotten - forgotten is Lugh, Who shall sing to the wind, shed his tears to f
ill the sea For the lost Gaelic valor?

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