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Album: Track 5 on Departure
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daylight left with a grand adieus
and i felt its twilight kiss
dancing into my empty stare
clad in a spectrum of dying colors
peering through oblivion
where memories lay waste and wilde
like fragments of a lamentation
sleeping within a lie

daylight left with a grand adieus
and i gazed into its bleak eyes
as it wept the end of my days
with radiance of bitter loss
entering my deep within
where thorns grow without restraint
piercing my blissful sleep
awakening a tragedy

daylight left with a grand adieus
and i saw black draperies fall
to the sound of a whispering nocturne
played gently with the echoing minors of my past
growing withing my mind
like an endless crescendo of melancholy
feeding on my last gleams of hope
as night had set forever

daylight left with a grand adieus
and i found myself in a sea of death
floating helplessly towards the end
drenched in a withering illusion
pulsing through my veins
the lasting torments of a funeral song
that left me singing the opening theme
the soundtrack of my fall

daylight left with a grand adieus
and i asked for its forever hand
stretched out with a euphony of sirens
as if knowing the hour was mine
granting eternal sleep
with distant songs of a farewell dream
i know there is another somewhere
and i would die to meet its smile

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