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Artist: Forever the Sickest Kids Lyrics
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Album: Track 2 on Underdog Alma Mater
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Hey Brittany!
Why are you messing with me?
Is your boy on your mind?
Is your boy in your car?
Or are you alone?
So why does everything I say just make you upset.
I'm not here to bring you down.
Lift you up, lift you up.

So yeah yeah yeah,
Go ahead and lower it down.
Lower it down, just a little bit, just a little bit.
(Lower it down)

So where do we go?
Where do we go
(when you just have to fight to be alone)
You cannot know, you will not know

Hey Brittany!
Where is your engagement ring?
Did it mean anything?
Does the boy with the ring know you bounce bounce bounce around?
So how am I supposed to act when you're around him?
When everything he says brings you down,
Brings you down, brings you down.

So where do we go?
When everybody knows (bounce bounce bounce around)

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