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Artist: Forever the Sickest Kids Lyrics
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He was the man of every hour
He was a party all alone
He’d give his jacket to a stranger in the cold
She was the beauty queen from dallas
She could put a lion on a leash
And before he knew himself
She knew the man that he could be

It’s never that easy
It never seems right
When careful meets carefree
And in just 4 minutes they knew each other for life
And he said

“Alright Nikki, it’s alright Baby tonight
you can let your hair down
Alright Nikki, it’s alright Baby tonight
You can take a breath now
If you only live once
Stay in the clouds
Never come down
Trust me
Alright Nikki, it’s alright Baby tonight
you can let your hair down.“

She was an Angel craving chaos
He was a demon seeking peace
But they were each other’s
toxic cure called codependency
He tried to dig his way out of a coffin
‘cause she smothered him with care
Before they lived in castles
They were dying on a prayer

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