Four Shadow Little Mouse Lyrics

Artist: Four Shadow
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For two whole months you've lived with me, little mouse
Creeping 'long the walls while I watch TV, little mouse
I asked all my friends to see if they know
How to make a little mouse go away; they did not know
You sure are lucky to be here, little mouse.
Sat down after lunch to write a little tune, little mouse
Glanced at the floor and there was you, little mouse
You kinda scared me at first, all furry and brown
But I realized from your stillness as I kept looking down
That you were dead! It was a very sad moment, little mouse.
Cooked up an idea to bury you, little mouse
It seemed it was the least I could do, little mouse
After all this time of sharing a place
But I could not stand to see your fuzzy face
So I covered you up with a bowl. It was my roommate's.
Figured I'd bury you down by the lake, little mouse
I wondered about the plans and the dreams you made, little mouse
It was a funeral procession of one
Your life has just begun, baby child, little mouse
Man, I hope your family is not living in my walls...
With my fingers dug you a grave, little mouse
Stiff as a board but looking mighty brave, little mouse
With cars moving behind, mortality on my mind,
I left a stick in the ground to remember you by... little mouse...