Four Year Strong - She Really Loved You Lyrics

Artist: Four Year Strong Lyrics
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Album: Track 10 on Explains it All
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(originally by Reach The Sky)

Wasting so much time
wishing and wondering what could I do to recapture my past
because all my memories
seem so much better than anything that I'm feeling today.
Now its fading away,
am I losing hold on the only piece of you that I have left?
Why is it easy to forget when nothing could take that place you left behind.

Every night I lie awake
worried that each day I am forgetting a little bit more.
I need to remember you that way, when I was not afraid to forget.
Wasted so much time, wishing and wondering.
And I wasted my time, wishing and wondering.
Every night I lie awake hoping my tears will dry,
will I ever shut my eyes?

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