Frausdots - The Extremists Lyrics

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Album: Track 3 on Couture, Couture, Couture
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Every time I turn around I see another one
Run bitter shadow run
Come on run run run
Back to the city you came from
The city that spit you out
Wipe that look off your face now
Calling it a smile
I call it a committed pout
I don’t feel real
I don’t feel anything
Wearing out your welcome
Wearing out your magic ring
Lost on the shimmering ocean
The waves keeps dragging me down
Stuck on the tip of an iceberg
I never learned how to swim
I only learned how not to drowned
You best believe it
We are extremist
the first one is free
so come on now
pick it up
pick it up
let’s go
the next one’s gonna cost you
more then you can spend
so much more them you’ll ever know
You best believe it
We are extremist
You don’t believe it
We are extremist

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