Freddie Foxxx - R.N.S. Lyrics

Writer(s) : Martin, Christopher E / Foxxx, Freddie
Artist: Freddie Foxxx Lyrics
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Album: Track 14 on Industry Shakedown
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[scratches by DJ Premier]
"It's time for this real ***** ****.."
"Bumpy Knucks.."
"Ha, hah-hah"
"*****z can't see I.."
"Fr-Fre-Fre, Freddie Foxxx with the twin millis" -> O.C.
"Ha, hah-hah"
"Bu-Bu, Buh-Bu, Bu, Bumpy Knucks.."
"*****s can't see I.."
"It's time for this real ***** ****.."

[Freddie Foxxx]
When I was small I made pause tapes for "Super Sperm"
Rappin in high school, drinkin forties, smokin sherm
Listen to Cold Crush and Grandmaster Caz spittin
Gettin somethin in that *****z ain't now gettin; feel me
Remember everybody wanted to be "Peace, God, Divine"
Real *****z kept they attributes, right through '99
Peace to the god Taheem, watching over me
White chariots and horses, get me over rough courses
While I silence those voices that doubted my ability
to rip, through these young *** *****z
When I walk into the Lyricist Lounge, lyricists lounge
cause *****z know that Bumpy Knucks'll tear this mutha down
Cause the rawest most illest ****, make up my sound
That's why I stay gettin money, like them *****z uptown
I'm in your face - ***** whassup now
**** all that peacemakin bullshit
I heard you spit you like to pull ****
That's all bullshit, you keep your nine on some full ****
You say you bust it, that's BULLSHIT!
You know the illest MC that ever did it
The rawest ***** that ever chewed up rhymes and spit it
In the new millenium cities, watch what I do
I'm bout to save hip-hop like Ghost did the Wu

Chorus: Freddie Foxxx (repeat 2X)

For the DJ's, the rappers, the writers, the breakers
The movers, the shakers, the beat, the makers
What's stronger than hip-hop *****z they can't take us
if we deal with the real, and shut down the fakers

[Freddie Foxxx]
I'm proud to be a black man in my existence, so **** the Klan
I ain't blinded by your jewels and your million dollar checks
I'm always ready for whatever's next
My road in life ain't easy cause I'm complex
You know the real, ***** turnin these fake hard *****z to grasshoppers
cause f'real here comes the realest, when I **** the manstoppers
I remember talkin to Big Poppa; he said "Foxxx, you the illest,"
(uhh) I make the realest ***** feel it
Got a little mob of *****z I send to rob *****z
Take all that fly jewelry, and give it to my moms
I keep the industry up in arms like Zack La Roche
cause they hate to see me comin, with this too black approach
Through the hardest time in hip-hop, I stayed afloat
So let me give the media some fly **** to quote
I'ma always be a *****, lookin through your eyes
So nothin that you do to me should come as no surprise
I continue bein raw dog, puttin in work
I drown a ***** and get away, like my name was Captain Kirk
************s wanna hear it raw, Bumpy make it hurt
Step on stage, rip the whole **** down and merc'


[Freddie Foxxx]
What ****ed you up is that I'm so nice and don't rehearse
On any record I'm the king of the third verse
It's +Strictly Business+, if it's +Personal+ I let you know
I hold your heart until the Lord tell me let you go
Don't need advice from no corny *** A&R that never filled a milk crate
with breakbeats, I keep it raw ***** straight street
To my comrades in L.A, L.A., L.A.
I still got the bulletproof - Pelle, Pelle, Pelle
Keep the music underground as I reiterate twice
Tell *****z to they face, I thought you wasn't nice
Kick my ***? Nah, not likely; out mic me?
Not likely, stay on the sidelines like Spike Lee
*****s know Bumpy like to flow all out
Microphone, gun in hands *****, go all out
No exceptions to females I ride 'em giddyup
How bad I wanna **** Brat, since she pushed them ******* up
It's the underground sound that designs the street
Freddie Foxxx designed the rhyme, Premier designed the beat


[scratches by DJ Premier]
"Bumpy Knucks.."
"*****z can't see I.."
"Fr-Fre-Fre, Freddie Foxxx with the twin millis" -> O.C.
"Bu-Bu, Buh-Bu, Bu, Bumpy Knucks.."
"It's time for this real ***** ****.."

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