Freestyle Fellowship When the Sun Took the Day Off and the Moon Stood Still Lyrics

Artist: Freestyle Fellowship
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In the tradition of the inner city griots we are...
we take though a journey through a story
to a place and a time
in a small town
but as you listen you're to pay no mind to the small town
and the time and the place
a place where the moon and the sun does as it pleases
a place where everybody knows everybody else's business
a place that basically could be anywhere

check it out...

When the sun took a day off and the moon stood still
The only light that was in sight was the one just past that ol' onion field
if you look from where I'm standing you'll see that old scarecrow
they say if you look too low he might jump off that window
but between you and me I think that's a bunch of 'hey, you know'
some people believe he's responsible for the death of Old Man Dan
they found him without his thinking cap with straw in his hand
and the strangest thing about it's that they never found his head
they never found his head
they never found his head
god dammit they never found Old Man Dan's head...

[Self Jupiter]
and they'll never find it
'cause I took it
nah, didn't go like that at all
see I just hid it and his eye was crooked and I wanted his eyeball
and things got out of hand
and Old Man Dan had to die
because of that eye
I can tell you them scarecrow stories a lie
what I did here
when the moon was full and the sun's about to rise
people walking by thinking about that head at the crack of dawn they cry

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