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feat. The Jacka

Military minded

Who got the best flow east to west coast
Who got the best show east to west coast
Matter fact, all around the globe, we are currently in Denmark
Jump on jets and just close
Shout out to Curren$y, every time we land switching fans, switching currencies
And come to think, I used to stand up on the corner flip
Gradually freezing, done can't send niggas to emergency
Make their bigger brothers wanna murder me
It's just to say they love me and they miss me, I'm their insulin
Spit bars like a semiautomatic, from my deeper bring half of the instruments
We're like Heinz, catch up and keep up
City all be hop, beat the beat up
Jack from the Bay area, them streets tough
They need someone to take care of y'all, they tweet us
We keep airing you, the ACs, we're all year around, here you freeze up
And please stop the second you meet us, we're going to heaven 'cause we pray like Jesus
Brothers on my tip 'cause I spit like this
I'm coming with the flow, get dough like this quick
You're wishing God woulda bless you with this gift
Still, you would never ever flow like Freezer
Flow master, flow for four seasons, after the show take hoes to Four Seasons
After we done put them in four cabs, gift all four, doggy bags, we even
Steven, I wonder why they keep going, sweating me I feel like keef for the evening
Sounding like heave metal, tryna stay away from trouble
Niggas set the bar high but nigga, I raise the level
Putting haters in a spill, squeeze the trigger on you, nigga
I don't even give a fuck, never wanna get a suck
100 thousand in my call, fuck with my nigga Freezer
That's my young nigga Free, take this shit from my soul then turn it into songs
Never could appreciate the plug, never seen my fate, ship the drugs to my place
Then I ship 'em out of state, 50 time every day, them real numbers
The kind of bridge you gotta play, oh, I stand, knock you off
Even if you got a K, even if you beg, nigga, even if you try to pay
It's too late, you in the way, it's real pop
My uptown niggas waiting at the mill banks, waiting for the eagle to land
At the yell spot, praise the lot, mix a lot, 'cause we still hot
Scramblers try to copy us down but they still flat
We still getting niggas chills, we the real mob
Black president here but it's still hard, just try to strike me out but I only fear God

This is team early in the mob, we combine the coasts like a miracle from God
This is team early in the mob, we combine the coasts like a miracle from God
This is team early in the mob, we combine the coasts like a miracle from God
This is team early in the mob, we combine the coasts like a miracle from God, nigga

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