Fuel - Gone Lyrics

Artist: Fuel Lyrics
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Album: Track 1 on Angels & Devils
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I know how you're always putting down all your friends
I know how you think your righteousness will make amends
I know how that little short skirt always get you in
I know how you hold me down just hoping I'll say when
And I know you want to own my soul

Yeah, yeah

I don't know why you
Think that you can stand there on your own
I don't know why you
Always find the time to bitch and moan
I don't know why you
Think you're always right and never wrong
But I know why you're

Gone, yeah
Gone, yeah

I know how you always get your way with that tease
I know how you always want to do just as you please
I know how you came about those dirty, little names
I know what you're thinking when you're saying "you and me"
And I know you still want to own my soul

Yeah, yeah

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