Fuel - I Should Have Told You Lyrics

Writer(s) : Frederiksen, Marti H / Rockman, Joe / Jeff, Healy
Artist: Fuel Lyrics
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Album: Track 2 on Angels & Devils
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After the laughter passes by
And what remains are shadows of the truth you try to hide
And for our sins left never reconciled
The simple truth is hearts were made just to fail
No matter how we try

If I don't see you again
I only hope someday you understand
Time turns good love to goodbye
I should have told you
It's all it would ever be

And so we face the silence of another memory
And draw the shades down upon a scene we once believed
So before you walk away
And I just walk on out just know


I don't know why
Or are we learning all the way
Or is it all just wasted time
Or someday maybe we will find our way


I should have told you
It's all it would ever be

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