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Artist: Funkdoobiest Lyrics
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Album: Track 12 on Which Doobie U B ?
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Well, here's the intro
It's nice and simple
'cause Son's the nympho
Yo, there's the info
I'm the be -boy
Who takes out decoys
Like Leonard Nimoy
I heard Bruce Leroy
I'm catchin' bullets
With my teeth
To make it brief
Yo, I got no beef
But I'm feelin' iry
That's in my diary
My voice is fiery
**** my rivalry
I drink pina colady
I get diabolic
Like the bubonic
Egg is the shape of my dome
Don't bring it home if you can't use a comb
I side with the Dukes
For all my folks
I rock the crowd and go for broke

'cause the funk's on me... the funk's on me... the funk's on me (2x)

I'll do the tango to the Star Spangled
Play the bango then eat a mango
'cause I funk daily
Like Pearl Bailey
I'm not an Israeli
But I'm hittin' like Halley's
Drop it
Funk is the topic
I'm off like a rocket
A porno in a pocket
I'm different
Funk's what I'm stimpin'
Like Andy Griffith
Think I'll go fishin'
Catch me a crooner
The crazy Son dueler
Mr. Wang also got big fat cojones
Step to the fellow
Like Abbott and Costello
I'm kinda mellow yet I can't stand yellow

Chorus (4x)


I kick the phat funk
For your back trunk
No, I smack punks
Who's Michael Jackson?
'cause I rock a party
Good golly Miss Molly
Know I'm flava like beef teriyaki
Skills are scorchin'
Here's a portion
Punk, use caution
Like Wheel of Fortune
Go round and round
Where will it stop?
I throw hip hop
So I'll never get dropped
The Soul ***assin
Who's strong like Sampson
I'm ill like Manson
I'm harrassin'
Empty MC's
So punk, don't tempt me
You know I'm flava
Just like dente

Chorus (6x)

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